If you have a relationship issue that needs help to be resolved, then we have a program for you. No matter what the need is, we are dedicated to helping you work thought the issues to find a newfound connectedness with the people you care about.

Just Living Today Coaching and Counseling has several programs to help facilitate your specific needs regarding parenting and relationships. Whether you just need a little help or you are completely lost, we are standing by, ready to get you on the path to having successful relationships. Please check out our service packages to discover how we can help you today!

We offer coaching for the following topics:


Spiritual Life and Development
Relationship Renewal

This newfound connectedness in your relationships begins with a simple phone call or email. Please contact us to request a complimentary Relationship Renewal Session. During this 20-minute phone consultation, we’ll identify any challenges in your relationship and reveal resources that can help you renew your relationships much quicker than you thought possible.

Contact us to see if we can help in your specific situation.