Welcome to the Just Living Today. We offer coaching services for individuals and families to get your back on track. 

Has your home life hit a rough patch that you just can’t seem to shake?

At Just Living Today we specialize in renewing wellness for families, and relationships. Every family has their share of troubles, but some “rough patches” seem to last longer than others.

Have you found yourself…

Longing for the “good ol’ days” when you used to have fun with your spouse, children and friends?

Feeling like your partner or kids aren’t really hearing you or understanding where you’re coming from?

Battling a sense of resentment over unresolved issues with your loved ones?

Fighting against feelings of loneliness that bubble to the surface even while you’re with the people you love?

Dealing with issues of parenting, divorce, infidelity, or effective discipline?

The good news is that there is hope for your relationships!

We specialize in revitalizing families and relationships. By working with the individual, we can create changes in the relationships we encounter everyday. We focus on communication, conflict resolution and personal boundaries.

You don’t have to suffer in silence.

  • You CAN rediscover the common interests that will bring you and your family together.

  • You CAN open the lines of communication to ensure that both you and your family members feel heard, understood, and loved.

  • You CAN discover ways to resolve conflicts naturally, before they cause rifts that can potentially destroy your relationships.

  • You CAN rekindle the love and companionship you were worried was gone for good.

  • And you CAN start right now!

Please contact us today to connect with a qualified Relationship Coach and find out what it will take to put you on the right path.

Whether your family needs a few tweaks or a major overhaul, we can help facilitate the process of healing and great communication. You don’t have to journey these issues alone.

Let’s see how we can partner together to make your relationships stronger and your home life more peaceful.

Let us help find solutions that fit your family!

Is Coaching Right For You?